Affordable and Delicious Food in the City of Lights

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Paris is famous for its romantic atmosphere as well as the classic French dishes. The city is packed with artistic and innovative culinary talents who help you to savor the best delicacies in the world. Unsurprisingly, the city is regarded as the best food city in Europe for the last ten years.

There are also infinite extraordinary dining options in the city of lights including bistros, brasseries, and stylish restaurants, which serve various types of classic French dishes. So it is important to choose a good restaurant where you can pamper your taste buds with exquisite cuisine.

Along with that, you must also take care of the budget that you can afford, as many restaurants in Paris can be way too costly. Below is a list of budget-friendly restaurants in Paris where you can find the best food in Europe.

Breizh Café

The cafe always holds the prime position in serving the best cuisines in which only fresh and organic raw materials are used. Breizh Café is famous for their pancakes. In fact, their slogan is “La Crepe Autrement” which means “the pancakes otherwise”.

The café also offers an unbeatable variety of ciders-an alcoholic drink made of apple. Additionally, the salted caramel butter crepe that is perfectly crisp and nutty is a must-try attraction in the café. Moreover, the café concentrates more on quality and taste rather than serving fancy food.

La Cantine de la Cigale

The restaurant belongs to the talented bistro chef, Christian Etchebest. It is located in Pigalle and offers the best French food at affordable prices. Furthermore, the portion size of the meal including the appetizer is plated generously and the taste is indefinable.

Make sure that you visit the French restaurant after a tiring Paris city tours schedule, as it will surely revitalize and boost up your energy. One of the must-try attractions of Cigale is a bowl of crunchy and golden frites that is garnished with coarse salt and black pepper.

Le Richer

Le Richer is a popular café bar restaurant located near Poissonniere and is well-known for their creative and mouthwatering dishes. If you are planning to tour Paris during winter, this café is perfect for you because of its warm food and the ambiance.

Their main attractions are beef tartare, the tomato gazpacho, the colvert duck, and the supreme de volatile. You can enjoy the light and warm food at this café from 08:00 am to 10:30 pm, and you do not even need any reservations.