A Desirable Trip to Musée Des Arts Decoratifs

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Tourist Attractions In Paris

There will hardly any traveler who does not dream to visit Paris at least once in a lifetime. The scenic natural beauty and the sky-high astounding architectures in the City of Lights will be surely a treat to each and every spectator.

When it is about exploring Paris city, the names of various treasured museums would have popped up in the mind of almost every people. On a related note, Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre Museum are some of the top-notch museums in the city. However, exploring these places might be bit hectic because of the tourist mayhem.

To tackle this, there are some offbeat wings at the museums as well that are equally majestic and enlightening. You can include those galleries as well in your itinerary of Paris city tour. Musée des Arts Decoratifs is one of such museums that is sure to make your Louvre Museum private tours more exciting and memorable.

Musée Des Arts Decoratifs

Located at the north wing of the Louvre Palace, Musée des Arts Decoratifs is a gallery that is entirely dedicated to decorative arts. This wing of the Louvre houses two other museums as well; Musée de la Mode et du Textile and Musée de la Publicite. The former one showcases astounding works and artifacts of fashion and textile industry, whereas the latter one focuses on advertisements.


Les Arts Decoratifs is actually a private organization that was formed in 1882 with the intention of promoting applied and decorative artworks. In the beginning, the organization conducted many temporary exhibitions, but later, the government gave them the permission to move into the north wing of the Louvre in 1898. However, the permanent museum started functioning in Musée du Louvre only during 1905.

The Exhibits

The museums showcase an incredible collection of various decorative artworks that are nearly 150,000 in number. However, only 6,000 objects out of the total will be on a permanent display. Musée des Arts Decoratifs is one of the best museums of its kind in the entire world. Hence, exploring this museum on your Louvre Museum private tours is very much recommended.

The major highlight here is the furniture collection that ranges from ancient to contemporary designs. Besides that, you can also see different varieties of glassware, ceramics, jewelry, toys, and many more in Musée des Arts Decoratifs. Another main attraction in this extraordinary museum is the exhibition of around ten period rooms that exactly replicate the interiors of historical rooms; it ranges from 15th Century palatial rooms to early 20th Century rooms in Art Nouveau designs.