6 Things Not to Do When Visiting Paris

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It is not an easy thing visiting a foreign place for the first time, and Paris poses no exception to that rule. Many issues such as jet lag and a new currency can beset you while traveling. Many people save up most of their lives for the perfect trip to the City of Lights, which is why it is definitely not a good idea to risk costly mistakes while you are there. Looking out for some of these mistakes means your first few days there will go all the smoother. It also ensures that you stay within budget on your Paris city tours while still wringing the most out of the experience.

Don’t Pay for Water

Just like at any other place, you would wonder if the tap water was drinkable in Paris. Be assured, it is. Do not go asking for bottled water at a restaurant just because you love the sparkle of mineral water, as that would cost you enough to have to give up the dessert. Save some euros by asking for carafe d’eau instead.

Don’t Book Too Many Passes

A museum pass and a metro pass are enough to get you away from most lines and from having to buy tickets. You will feel pressured to use them though. For instance, you may fancy a walk but remember that you have not used the metro pass yet. Make sure you plan the routes so that you do not miss out.

Choose Whether to Go to Versailles

It is going to be crowded at Versailles, and if you do not want to wait in line before being manhandled by crowds inside, it is ok to skip the trek and go to some place like Chantilly instead.

Don’t Tip All the Time

You may have the chance to tip a lot, with the receivers of these tips being cab driver, hair stylists, and tour guides. All that is fine, but do not feel obliged to tip elsewhere unless you have had service par excellence. If you are still particular, then round up the bill and let them keep the change.

Don’t Eat Breakfast at the Hotel

You will need to dig deep into your wallet to pay for hotel breakfasts, and they might not be worth it. For a wholesome meal, go to a café and get a croissant and coffee.

Don’t Stay Somewhere out of Reach

Saving a few bucks always has its appeal, but do not go too far, such as stay somewhere that is far from the city center. You do not want to be spending most of your time on trains while you are in Paris.