5 Best Shops to Get Gourmet Food in Paris

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The French are picky about the food they eat. They take pride in choosing, creating and consuming some of the tastiest, richest, most appetizing food, with special attention given to the ingredients. For someone on one of their Paris sightseeing tours, this affords plenty of options to revel in all things gourmet.

Du Pain et des Idées

A short walk from the Place de la République, this boulangerie in the 10th arrondissement is anything but average. Run by the famous Christophe Vasseur, the bakery that goes back as far as 1889 creates mouthwatering pastries and bread. If you ever visit, try the pistachio-chocolate escargot without fail.

La Grande Epicerie

This food shop in the 6th arrondissement is a section of the famous Bon Marché department store. Many hold that it is the best food shop in the city, offering fares from all around the globe. Here, you can get caviar crisps, white truffle honey, and classic fruit jellies, to name a few. They also sell gift boxes.

La Fermette

Placed in the chock center of the 2nd arrondissement, La Fermette is known as the local go-to for all things cheese. Walk in and get served with a wide selection of French produce. You will find comté, camembert, and goat cheeses, as well as others. They also sell high-end pickles, saucisson, jams, and chutneys. Anything you buy gets vacuum-packed for easy carrying.


Situated in the SoPi area, this food market is where the uber-trendy kids from the neighborhood buy their groceries. Causses has a diverse fruit and vegetable collection, as well as dressings, glazed fruit, coffee beans, seasonings, cheese biscuits, and wines. To-go items include soups and sandwiches, freshly prepared salads, and mixed fruit juices with quirky combinations.

La Maison Plisson

Technically a grocery store cum restaurant, La Maison Plisson is really a lot more. They offer the most carefully picked food products, and are renowned for the excellent service they provide customers. At the in-house restaurant, chef Bruno Doucet coverts the shop’s fares into some of the best food you will chance to have at in the city. The shop has sections comprising a butcher, rotisserie, charcuterie, and cheesemonger. The downstairs area holds selections of crisps, cereals, and liqueurs.