5 Best Concert Venues to Visit in Paris

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If you are a patron of the arts, then Paris will surely delight you with its flourishing art culture. You can even enjoy some fine classical music or pop concerts organized by famous orchestras and bands at several of the impressive concert venues in Paris. The famed concert halls in Paris are renowned for their classical architecture and are places that conduct several prominent musical performances. Listed below are five of the best concert venues to visit during your Paris city tours.


Olympia or Montagnes Russes is one of the iconic music halls in Paris that you must definitely visit. Built in 1893, Olympia was the place where several eminent international bands did some fantastic musical performances. Located on the ninth arrondissement of Paris, Olympia features a modernist design with enough seating capacity to accommodate a large number of audiences. Check at their website to look out for any scheduled events before visiting Olympia.

Casino de Paris

Also located in the ninth arrondissement of Paris, the Casino de Paris is yet another top music hall that you must visit. It is one of the most prominent music halls in Paris with a rich history. Casino de Paris has a spectacular interior with large seating capacity and classic architectural features. It is a great place to participate in concerts as well as numerous other events like stand up shows, operas, musicals, ballets, etc.

Palais Garnier

Palais Garnier hosts several events from concerts to opera performances that you can visit during your Paris city tours. The Palais Garnier is an architectural wonder known for its stunning construction and lavishness. Opened in 1875, the Palais Garnier opera house has a rich history and was commissioned by Napoleon III. You can visit the opera house during daytime to see some exceptional concerts, play or opera.

La Fleche d’Or

If you are looking for rock or electronic concerts, then the La Fleche d’Or is certainly the place to look for. This music hall is now one of the major places in the thriving nightlife of Paris and the hangout place for many Parisian youths. You can enjoy some exceptional performances by DJs or rock bands here while enjoying beverages or interacting with the crowd.

Le Zenith Paris

Le Zenith Paris is an indoor arena located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. It is one of the largest venues with a seating capacity of 6293 making it an ideal place to visit. La Zenith Paris holds several concerts along with various other programs like tournaments, musicals, comedies, etc. A major highlight is the charity concert organized by the Les Enfoires, a group of singers and performers.