Visiting the Louvre Antiquaires

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You may have spent much time in the Louvre Museum in your Louvre guided tour and walked the path from the Venus de Milo to the Winged Victory. You may have even pushed your way in the crowds to clearly see the conspiratorial smile of the Mona Lisa and lost much time in figuring out who is in the painting of the Coronation of Napoleon. After spending so much time in the museum, the weight of the exhibits might begin to weigh on you. Didn’t your Louvre tour guide say that if you spent fifteen seconds at each of the painting, you would be stuck in the museum for many years?

The Louvre Antiquaires

You can go on Louvre tour every year, but never see all the paintings and exhibits in there. Luckily, if you are an antique lover, there is another Louvre – the Louvre des Antiquaires, where all the exhibits are for sale. The Louvre des Antiquaires is located just across the street from the Louvre Museum at the Place du Palais Royal. The place hosts about 250 galleries that specialize in items from classical antiques to vintage items from the 60’s. All these items are housed in a 19th Century building that is worth a tour.

History of the Louvre Antiquaires

Napoleon III commissioned the building as the first luxury hotel in the city of Paris, while changing the face of the city. The hotel was made to house important guests who came to attend the Universal Exhibition of 1855. The construction was done as per the ideas of Napoleon’s friend named Haussman and the ground floors were dedicated to stores, while the top floors were for the hotel. In just a few years, it became clear that the shops and stores were the main attraction of the building and so the hotel was relocated to a building on the other side. The Grands Magasins du Louvre department store was opened in this front building.

By the end of the 70’s, the Grands Magasins du Louvre was in a state of disrepair when a British investor came forward to revive the building. After the renovation, the Louvre des Antiquaires entered the building. Today, the Louvre des Antiquaires house 250 plus antique, jewelry, and art shops that sell things that you cannot buy in the Louvre Museum. It is true that the place offers priced museum-quality objects for the collectors, but that does not mean that the place does not have anything for the explorers. The Louvre des Antiquaires has something for everyone on Louvre guided tour.