Tour of the Paris Catacombs and the Père Lachaise Cemetery

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The Eiffel Tower is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the name Paris. However, there are many other things in the city of lights that might attract you as well. One such tourist attraction is the Père Lachaise cemetery. Aside from your Louvre museum private tours, combining a Père Lachaise cemetery tour with a tour of the Parisian catacombs will offer you a blood chilling experience for sure.

You will be able to hear many incredible stories about the cemetery and the catacombs when you visit these places. You may hear stories of graveyards literally overflowing with corpses, of men who built tunnels out of human remains, and lifer stories of many characters from the history of Paris.

City of the Dead

The entrance line at the catacombs might get quite long as entry numbers to the catacombs are strictly controlled. This makes the catacombs one of the most in-demand attractions of Paris. If you are on a preplanned tour, your Paris tour guide will book tickets to the catacombs in advance offering you access to the special line to walk directly inside.

Inside the catacombs, you will find a maze of tunnels that stretch for miles. Each of the tunnels is lined with bones and skulls of about six million Parisians. You can explore the City of the Dead while having your Paris tour guide explain the story of the catacombs. On your way, a guard will open gates to allow you access to the secret areas of the catacombs, like the passage where an ex convict has made some carvings or the small chapel where ceremonies were held.

One of the Most Visited Cemeteries

A guided tour of the Père Lachaise cemetery should not be excluded from your Paris tour itinerary if you are interested in exploring eerier places. You can see resting places of some famous people like Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Chopin, Edith Piaf, and Delacroix among many others.

Your tour guide might tell you the ill-fated love story of Abelard and Heliose, the monk and the young girl who fell in love. The couple was torn apart and they spent their lifetime writing love letters. The place is full of art, music, and love, and all that makes Père Lachaise a romantic setting that is really strange for a cemetery. Nevertheless, this is the best place to step away from tourist crowds on Louvre museum private tours.