Top 3 Decorative Arts on Louvre Museum’s Richelieu Wing

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Musée du Louvre’s Department of Decorative Arts is home to a wide collection of artworks that comprise of tapestries, clocks, ornaments, and furniture. The artworks residing in Richelieu Wing of the Louvre museum throw lights into the habits and lives of the noble people and the bourgeoisie from the medieval period to the nineteenth century.

Richelieu Wing’s second floor and a portion of the Sully Wing are devoted to the department as of now, which is separated into seven parts. Each portion of the Louvre offers a throwback to the history of France to those on Louvre museum private tours. It is home to artworks that trace back to Bourbon Restoration period, Napoleon III, Louis XIV, and the Regency, July Monarchy, 19th Century, the Medieval and the Renaissance Period alongside the neoclassical.

Bronze Statuette

It is a statue of either King of the Franks Charlemagne or King Charles the Bald, mounted on a horse. This equestrian statue ranges up to 10 inches tall and depicts the king in all his glory or his royal position. You can find this object on the first room of the Richelieu Wing.

Crown of Louis XV

It resides on its Apollo Gallery or the room 66. The personal crown of the King of France was designed by a jeweler named Claude Rondé under the stewardship of Augustin Duflos, who was the king’s jeweler at Galeries du Louvre. A crown such as this particular one was made to be crowned during the coronation of the king so chances are this might be a replica.

Napoleon III Apartments

These are amongst the most sought after rooms in the Department of Decorative Arts at Musée du Louvre. The collection of decorative arts provides a glimpse into the French Empire under Napoleon III or Second Empire as it was called in formal correspondence. They span across room 83 to room 92 at the Richelieu Wing.

The objects including crockery and royal plates will give a unique chance to explore a bit of French history to those on a private Louvre museum tour. The established ingenuity of the heirlooms will keep you in sheer amusement of the grand scale of the Louvre. Advance book tickets online to skip the line on all days except Tuesdays.