The Most Affordable Music Theaters in Paris

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Paris has a reputation for being very expensive, but there are affordable concert spaces across the city too. These spaces are attractive yet they fit your budget so you can easily enjoy them without any worries. Below are some of the best concert theaters across Paris that you can visit after your Louvre guided tour.

The Dynamo Banlieues Bleues

This is one of the great locations to enjoy some of the best quality Jazz music. It is a peaceful place and hosts some of the most attractive jazz music in the city. It is situated in the vicinity of Aubervilliers Pantin Quatre Chemins stations

La Dynamo

This is the first exhibitions and music hall constructed in France. The interiors of this place are specially designed with state-of-the-art acoustics for jazz performances. It also houses three rehearsal studios where famous artists conduct jam sessions. This concert hall is famous for the true atmosphere it creates for jazz performances.

Canal 93

The Canal 93 is a hall that is dedicated to experimental music. The place has a large concert hall, recording studios, rehearsal studios, and a live performance hall. The tickets can be acquired at cheap rates. You can catch the performance of artists in residence, their training sessions, and much more related to contemporary music.

Glazart Concert Hall

This place has a very attractive exhibition hall and a concert hall situated nearby Parc de la Villette in Seine-Saint-Denis. This place lights up at night and is a paradise for music lovers. If you are a passionate music lover, you ought to visit this place on your Paris city tour. One of the peculiar features of the place is that it was converted from an old bus station.

With a wide range of music performances, such as reggae, punk metal, and hip-hop, it is ideal for lovers of any and all music genres. It is easily accessible through metro, tramway, or bus too.

La Menuiserie

This place hosts several contemporary exhibitions and music lovers can afford it at the reasonable rates on offer. The best part is that you can enjoy a nice drink or meal before enjoying some refreshing music. There are also attractive collections of artworks, dance rehearsals, and jam-out sessions conducted by famous musicians in this place. It is a favorite spot among musicians and dancers alike due to the dedicated arrangements here.