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Paris, which is also known as “La Ville-Lumière” or the City of Lights, is the dream destination for each and every lovebird because it is the best place to rekindle your romance; no wonder people call it the city of love. The city is proud of its many monuments including the iconic Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, and many others.

In addition to the romantic and brighter side, Paris is also famous for the magnificent and wonderful Disneyland, which is a big hit among kids as well as adults. The amazing place is equally exhilarating and exhausting; and so is unsurprisingly one of the top tourist destinations in France with its exciting, thrilling and eye-popping stuff.

Disneyland, where your dreams come true, is two theme parks with a total of 58 attractions in 83-hectare site that is located at Marne-la-Vallee 20 miles to the East of Paris. Disneyland Paris consists of 3 parts – Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios, and Disney Village. For most of the people, a trip to Disneyland is once in a lifetime chance, so there are certain points to keep in mind to make your visit pleasant and enjoyable.

When to Plan the Trip

The best time to explore Disney land is outside the summer season, as the queue and visitors will be less in comparison to other seasons and you will not have to tolerate the scorching heat of the sun. Moreover, most of the rides will be closed for maintenance in spring and winter, so check the availability of restaurants and park amenities before you plan the trip.

Avoiding the Queue

You can beat the queues by availing certain facilities like fast pass. If you get a pass, you will be allotted a certain time to enter the park, and thereby, you can skip the boredom of being in the queue. Another option is the early entry where you can enter the park early so that you will get a chance to enjoy more rides. Note that it is almost impossible to explore the entire Disneyland park in a day. So it’s better to reach there as early as possible and the earliest entry slot is at 08:00 am.

Food inside Disneyland

Try to carry daytime snacks with you as the food is very expensive inside the park and they do not offer any snacks in-between the meals. In additional to that, fresh fruits and vegetables are banned there. Moreover, try to go to the restaurants in Adventure Park and Frontier Park, as they are less crowded and cheaper when compared to the other restaurants and fast food chains in Disneyland.

The main aim of planning a trip to Disneyland is to meet Disney characters and you can find them in Mickey’s café in Disney village and at Fantasyland. Besides that, all the characters are around all the day in the park and all the hotels have a daily slot for meeting the characters.