The Bohemian Face of Paris: 59 Rue De Rivoli

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Strolling through the great Paris road, you could accidentally meet a charmingly strange point in between numerous shopping places packed in the popular street while walking in the city. Art cannot only be experienced in the Louvre museum private tours in Paris but also on the streets of 59 Rue de Rivoli. Moreover, the world-renowned art can be found here quite easily, which are Bohemian in nature. The gate is always open at Rivoli.

How it All Began

In an unoccupied abandoned building, which was once a bank, three artists started creating and displaying their works of art. Gradually, more and more artists started emerging into the building. Many artistic workshops were conducted and they even started inhabiting in the place itself. About 40,000 art lovers visited them when it was opened to the public in that same year itself.

Dealing the Legal Repercussions

It was only in the year 2000, that the artists living in the space got to face the legal repercussions of residing at an uninhabited building without anyone’s permission. Soon, a newly appointed official came to their rescue. Hence, it was finally opened to the public after announcing the space as an authorized artistic collective. Around 500 artists have been exploring art and staying in 59 Rivoli.

Main Entrance of Rue De Rivoli

The brightly colored yellow doors of the building would turn anyone head strolling on the streets. Every visitor will feel like Alice reaching at her Wonderland after climbing up a spiral staircase placed at the central core of the structure. Messages scribbled by the early inhabitants can be found in each step of the stairs. All those walls too are grafted in bold paintings.

Stories behind Each of the Artworks

Each of those artifacts has its own different story to narrate. Every floor of the buildings is designed in such a manner. There are graphic novels, murals, or things painted unusually. Like an exhibit, stands a white piano that can be seen from the center of the stairs.

The Reach of the Artistic Wonders of 59 Rivoli

Rivoli’s artists are not only Parisians. It had become more and more diverse after attaining that global fame. Diversity is reflected in their art too. The visitors could be delved into varied pieces of art. Traditional oil painting, wall graffiti, and even Japanese contemporary art installations can be explored here.

Music Adding More Essence

Besides the soothing background music played at many of those studies, there are special events organized at the building. Before legalizing, their inhabitants used to host numerous musical groups that may be rock, pop, jazz, or just anything.