See the Louvre Museum in Paris for an Immersive Tour

Louvre Guided Tour

Louvre Museum Immersive Tour

In the Louvre Museum, visitors can trial the places, the works, and the cryptic themes that inspired “The Da Vinci Code” book by Dan Brown as well as the movie based on the same novel and of the same title. If you remember, director Ron Howard even filmed a portion of the Da Vinci Code inside the Louvre museum and outside the Louvre Pyramid as well.

For tourists on a Louvre guided tour, the trial starts from the “Hall Napoléon” underneath the Louvre Pyramid – the place from where millions of visitors enter the museum. In the Da Vinci Code movie, Robert Langdon the ‘symbologist’ played by Tom Hanks and the ‘cryptologist’ Sophie Neveu played by Audrey Tautou had taken the same path to get to the murder scene shot in the Musée Du Louvre.

The Louvre pyramid was launched way back in the year 1989 outside the Louvre, and ever since, it has been a regular fixture for all Louvre guided tour groups. Visitors who are yet to read the Da Vinci Code book or see the movie may not be that familiar with the Louvre pyramid. However, understanding the historical and artistic inspirations behind “The Da Vinci Code” in person will be an immersive experience in the Louvre guided tour for the visitors.

If you remember, in Ron Howard’s movie the satanic number ‘666’ referred to the 673 glass panes on the Musée Du Louvre pyramid. Louvre has not criticized Howard for this inaccuracy, for the “666 glass panes” is a rumor that dates back to the 1980s period. Ron Howard seems to have believed that rumor, but in actual, there are up to 673 triangular-shaped diamond glass panes on the Louvre Pyramid.

From the Hall Napoléon, those on the Louvre trial will head toward the ‘Denon Escalators’. The Da Vinci Code movie had referred the Denon Escalators to as the ‘Denon Wing’, which is named after Dominique-Vivant Denon, the first ever director of the Louvre museum.

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