Must Visit Rooms in the Louvre Museum

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Louvre Museum Private Tours

Louvre Museum Tours

The Louvre with its vast collections of paintings, sculptures, and artworks remains the largest museum in the world. Besides its sheer lavishness and rich history has made it highly popular among visitors. However, it is almost impossible to view the entire collection of artworks hosted inside in your Louvre museum private tours due to its huge size. In addition, many visitors limit themselves with seeing only a section of the popular works of art like the Mona Lisa, while ignoring the other great works.

The Louvre contains many galleries and rooms that host some of the true masterpieces of art and sculpture. These are, however, unknown to the visitors, which causes them to miss some of the best works of art contained in these rooms. Below are some of the incredible galleries and rooms in the Louvre that you must seek out for during your next Louvre guided tour.

Rooms 75-77, Gallery of Large 19th Century Paintings

Located in the Level 1 in the Denon Wing of the Louvre, these rooms contain some of the grand and magnificent large format paintings that originated in 19th century France. The Coronation of Napoleon I created by Jacques-Louis David is the biggest with dimensions of 20 feet in height and 32 feet in width. Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delacroix and Oath of the Horatii painted by David are other major works of art engraved in grand canvases in these rooms.

Grand Salon of Napoleon III

This splendid room located in level 1 at the Richelieu Wing is a true feast for the eyes of any visitor. The gold covered walls matched with the crimson-colored upholstery transports the visitor to the times of the aristocracy and their vibrant lavish lives. Affixed on one of the walls is a beautiful painting of Napoleon III’s wife Eugene. The grand dining room reflects the opulence that prevailed in the times of the great monarch and is a remarkable sight.

Victory of Samothrace Staircase

Located in level zero in the same Denon Wing this room is one of the most popular ones inside the Louvre. It contains only one exemplary piece of art the Winged Victory placed atop the marble staircase. The large space of this room hosts only this sculpture and is a worthwhile piece to look for on your next Louvre museum private tours.