Must See Artworks in the Louvre

Louvre Guided Tour
Louvre Guided Tour

Louvre Museum Artworks

The Louvre museum is indeed a treasure house of art and collectibles that will delight any kind of visitor. Its sheer size and innumerable collection of paintings and sculptures have made it incredibly popular around the world with millions of recorded visitors every year.

Many Louvre guided tour programs conduct regular visits to the Louvre. However, most of such Louvre museum private tours rely on a strict itinerary that prevents the visitors from seeing most of the artworks displayed. Considering its wealth of artworks, here is a list of some of the highly renowned artworks in the Louvre that you must look for in your next Louvre guided tour.

Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci

The Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the Louvre and the entire world. It attracts the most number of visitors in the Louvre while thoroughly scrutinized by both the public and artists alike. The popularity of the painting is still unknown with some attributing to the delicate smile on the face to Da Vinci’s masterful technique in creating the rich composition.

Liberty Leading the People – Eugene Delacroix

This is one of the most famous paintings in the Louvre after the Mona Lisa. The painting is a general representation of the ideals of the nation of France. The central figure in the painting is Marianne a symbol of France and bears the true ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Liberty Leading the People is one of the best portrayals of the French Revolution on canvas.

The Dying Slave – Michelangelo

Michelangelo’s The Dying Slave is perhaps the best ever creation done in marble that displays the anatomical features of the human body in its exact form. A product of the Renaissance, this masterpiece is a mixture of different emotions. Michelangelo’s genius in portraying the human body in its most realistic manner is perfectly represented by The Dying Slave.

Death of the Virgin – Caravaggio

The death of the Virgin is a great piece of art created by the legendary Caravaggio. This painting is complex in its composition, with the use of drapes that occupy one-third of the canvas.

Aphrodite of Milos – Alexandros of Antioch

The Aphrodite of Milos is the second most visited artwork after the Mona Lisa. The sculpture is one of the best examples of representing female grace in marble.