Miraculous Stories Linked to the Churches in Paris

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Paris is a dreamy city with lots and lots of attractions, from the sightseeing options to the Louvre guided tours. This is not all that the city offers you though. The city also has many wonderful churches, which are known to have their own share of miraculous stories.

The Church of Saint-Séverin

The Church of Saint-Séverin, which is located in the street of Rue Saint-Séverin, is one of the oldest churches in Paris. The first was church destroyed by the Vikings and was later rebuilt built in 13th Century in the gothic style. During the French revolution, this church lost its status of a religious place and was transformed into a storehouse of powder and fodder.

This church is named after a devout hermit Séverin, who lived on the bank of River Seine during the 5th Century. It was he, who miraculously cured King Clovis by laying a cloak over him. This magnificent church was built over the tomb of Saint Séverin.

Basilica of St-Denis

The Basilica of St-Denis is a huge medieval church, which is located in the Saint-Denis neighborhood. There is an interesting story linked to this church too. It was Pope Saint Clement, who sent Denis to Gaul as a missionary bishop. Denis reached Paris along with two of his disciples, Rusticus and Éleutherius. Denis was able to convert many people to Christianity by preaching the Gospel to them.

The Roman authorities noted this action, and arrested him and his companions. They beheaded Denis at a high hill in Paris. It is said that after being beheaded, Denis took his head and walked along six kilometers before dying there. This is the place where the town Saint Denis resides now. The later Christians erected a basilica above his tomb and named it the Basilica of St Denis.


You would be able to find a parish dedicated to Saint Nicholas located in Saint-Maur-des-Fosses in the suburb of Paris. The main attraction of this parish is the statue of Our Lady of Miracles. There is a story behind this statue.

A man called Guillaume de Corbeil, when he fell seriously ill, made a vow that if he got cured, he would become a monk. He kept his promise when he got cured. Upon reaching the abbey, he found that many statues of Jesus and Mary there were in ruins. He assigned Rumolde to mend the statues. As Rumolde started his work, he suddenly heard a voice outside. When he went out to look what it was, he did not find anyone outside, but when he returned, he saw that the statues were completed miraculously.