Hidden Gem in the City of Lights That Is Worth a Visit

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The beauty of Paris is indefinable, especially during the nights, when all the lights in the city are on. This gives a magical as well as dramatic touch to the French capital. There are many famous skylines in the city such as Montmartre, Eiffel tower, etc where you can enjoy the bird’s eye view of this mesmerizing city. However, these mainstream attractions in the city are often overhyped, and very crowded. There are many other beautiful low-key attractions in Paris that are actually worth a visit.

People who are very inquisitive and adventurous often like to explore these hidden gems in the city in order to make their Paris city tours more exciting and memorable. One of the best such places that you can visit is Belleville. Some in-depth details of this beautiful street are given below.


This was actually a village in the French capital that played a major role in providing authentic wine to central Paris. Anyhow, this place has now transformed completely into a happening and lively place with its own artistic quarter, Chinatown, and many other attractions. In short, Belleville is now a melting pot of different cultures. You can find Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and French restaurants and bistros all around the street.

The main attraction over here is that you can relish the tasty and authentic dishes of various cuisines for the cheapest prices. That is, you can enjoy being in China or Thailand even when you are in Paris city, as the bistros over here are particular about providing the perfect ambiance.

Apart from the food, you can also purchase various products and clothes for cheaper rates from this cultural neighborhood. You can also dwell in many exciting activities whilst in Belleville. For instance, there are many ateliers that showcase various artworks and paintings for free in most of the scattered areas of the street. If you are more of a graffiti person, you can go to the Rue Denoyez Street in the neighborhood as well.

In case you want to enjoy the overall sight of the city, you can head on to Rue Piat or Rue des Envierges, which will ultimately lead you to the trendy and lovely Parc de Belleville. However, if you still need more adventure on your Paris tours, explore the nearby Pere Lachaise cemetery where famous artists like Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, and Oscar Wilde are resting in peace.