Celebrities Who Have Been to the Louvre Museum

Louvre Guided TourLouvre Guided Tour
Louvre Guided Tour

Louvre Guided Tour

The Musée du Louvre is easily among the world’s best-known museums. It is home to famous artworks like the ‘Mona Lisa’, ‘Venus de Milo’ and more. This is why the Louvre Museum is on people’s list of must-visit places, and it appears that even celebrities agree to this notion. Keep scrolling and you will find celebs from the world of Hollywood here. Interestingly, most stars took an alternative route to the Louvre guided tour to be at the museum for various purposes.

Angelina Jolie

In 2018, Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie visited the Paris-based museum with her kids namely Maddox, Shiloh, Pax, Vivienne, Knox, and Zahara. She took them all on a Paris tour, and the Musée du Louvre was among the many stops in her trip. At that time, she was in the French capital to shoot a perfume commercial.

Jared Leto

Actor Jared Leto’s ‘Suicide Squad’ might have disappointed DC Comics fans, but his turn as the Joker was a bright spot in the film. What it affirmed was Leto’s idiosyncrasies, needless to say, as the Joker. This behavior is reflected in a picture he took posing in the presence of the I.M. Pei-designed ‘Pyramide du Louvre’.

It gives the impression that Leto is holding the tip of the glass structure as if he is picking up a pet by the scruff of its neck. Wearing a casual outfit, and sporting a thick beard, sunglass and a blue knit cap, it seems as if Leto did not want to be noticed.

Emma Stone

The ‘La La Land’ movie star, Emma Stone was in the Louvre as part of a Louis Vuitton ad campaign shoot. It appears that primarily actresses visit the museum, and Stone is further proof that it is so.

She is another star smitten by the glass pyramid, as evident in a photograph near it where a smiling Stone is seen wearing a coat.

Cara Delevingne

Actor and singer, Cara Delevingne was in the capital city’s best museum as part of a field trip in 2016. She was in Paris for the shoot of her movie, “Valérian and the City of a Thousand Planets”. She perhaps took the funniest photograph at the art gallery. Delevingne took a series of funny selfies near ‘The Mona Lisa’ painting, the funniest of which was the one with her sad pose.