Appealing Reasons to Visit the French Capital

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Paris Tourist Attractions

Paris can be described as a treasure trove of beauty and enchantment. After all, the city offers such an amazing charm and dreamy vibes to the visitors. In fact, every nook and cranny of the city will be picture perfect and every single thing here tends to invite travelers; be it the picturesque Seine River, the delicious French food, the charm and beauty of the architecture, history, traditions, culture, natural wonders, etc. You will get a countless number of reasons to fall in love with the city and the diversity of those points will be as diverse as the capital city of France.

Needless to mention, the number of tourists flocking to Paris is skyrocketing with every passing year. Are you are still wondering about scheduling a Paris tour? Note that you can make your next vacation and ever-memorable and exciting in Paris. Some of the perfect reasons that you are likely to fall head over heels in love with this magnificent city are listed below.

Majestic Bridges

The bustling and picturesque riverbanks are one of the swoon-worthy attractions in the city and so are the majestic bridges here. Do you know that a total of 37 bridges including both ancient and modern ones span along the Seine River? One of the oldest overpasses here is the Pont Neuf. The irony here is that the meaning of Pont Neuf in English is the new bridge. The main highlight of this bridge is the stone-carved faces on its sides. Another popular Parisian bridge is Pont des Arts that feature a countless number of emotions in the form of love locks.

Similarly, every bridge here stands out with some unique features and plays a major role in French history. One of the most attractive and majestic bridges here is the Pont Alexandre III, which is known for the glided statues of nymphs and frames. As a result of its incredible appeal, this bridge often used in some movies and TV series, mostly as the meeting place of a couple. After all, what will be more romantic than meeting your significant other at such a spectacular overpass stretching over the bewitching Seine River? Note that the best time to visit the Parisian bridges is at night when all these remarkable structures will be illuminated with colorful lights.

Endless Opportunities to Explore the Art and Culture

If you love spending time contemplating various artworks or cultural values of the place you visit, the Parisian museums will be the best option for you. It is worth noting that the French capital houses around 153 museums that will walk you through the past, present, and future of the country. The most popular and historical options located right in the heart of the city include the Louvre Museum, Musee d Orsay, Centre Pompidou, L’ Orangerie, etc.

Note that Louvre is the largest art museum in the whole world and hence, will be a paradise for all the art lovers out there. In fact, most tourists tend to include a Louvre guided tour in their itinerary. However, Parisian museums have much more to offer than art and history. There are some unique and weird museums as well in the city such as the vampire museum, Rodin museum, the catacombs, etc. As an expert tip, try to venture Parisian museums on the first Sunday of a month when entry to most of the museums here will be free.

Ace Up your Fashion Game

Paris is reputed as the fashion capital for the right reasons. Most tourists are likely to be intimidated by the fashion sense of Parisians and tend to ace up their fashion game when in the French capital. The best places to wake up the fashionista within you when in Paris are Avenue Montaigne and Champs-Elysees. These neighborhoods house several trendy boutiques that feature popular brands like Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, etc.

However, the fashion culture goes much beyond labels and brands for the French. Unlike other places, you cannot see Parisians taking a stroll at the park or purchasing groceries at a market in pajama bottoms. Rather, you are likely to be amazed seeing a culture where people believe in polished and put together appeal whether it is for a formal meeting or a casual outing.

The Sound of Paris

Everything in Paris is musical whether it is the sound of the church bells, the chattering voices of people in a countless number of languages, the sound of footsteps on the cobblestoned streets, soothing sound of the tranquil water bodies, etc. The best part is the ‘Oh la la’ exclamation of the French people at almost every inflection. Similarly, the sound of cameras snapping photos from every corner is something constant that you can listen to when in Paris.

In short, when you close your eyes and for a brief moment, you can listen to a cacophony of sounds that eventually falls in place and offers one of the best musical treats for your ears. Besides, the perfectly illuminated city at night will surely add to the overall beauty of this cacophony of sounds.