Amazing Facts about the Notre Dame Cathedral

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Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the iconic monuments in Paris boasting the French Gothic architecture. It is a cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The spires of the cathedral collapsed in the fire which led to the destruction of a larger portion of the Norte Dame. But with the effort of 400 firemen, the structure of the cathedral and its most important treasures were saved from the raging flames.

In this article, you can see some interesting facts about this religious and architectural masterpiece in Paris.

French Gothic Architecture

Notre Dame Cathedral is a classic example of French Gothic Architecture. The name of the first Catholic architecture university in the US, The University of Notre Dame School of Architecture is named after this French edifice.

Centuries of Work

Construction of Notre Dame Cathedral started in 1160 under Bishop Maurice de Sully. Though in 1260, works of cathedral reached its way to completion, modifications were carried out by the French until the cathedral got its final look in 1345.

Contribution of Victor Hugo

The popularity of Victor Hugo’s novel “The Hunchback of Norte Dame” published in 1831 about the cathedral lead to a major reconstruction of the same from 1844 to 1864. Cathedral spires built during this restoration period, unfortunately, collapsed in the massive fire.

Roofs of the Cathedral

Almost 1,300 huge trees were chopped down for the construction of the roof of Norte Dame Cathedral during the period from 1160 to 1170.

Golden Ratio

The golden ratio is referred to as the perfection in art and architecture. It is 1:1.61. Dimensions of Norte Dame Cathedral follows golden ratio and it can be quoted as a classic example of architecture.

Rose Windows

In addition to decorative purpose, the three rose windows of Notre Dame symbolize the “Holy Trinity.” These windows offer both divine presence and lighting to the cathedral.

Ten Bells of Notre Dame

Unlike other cathedrals with a single bell, Notre Dame has ten bells with names such as Marie, Emmanuel, Gabriel, Anne – Genevieve, Denis, Marcel, Etienne, Benoit – Joseph, Maurice, and Jean – Marie. Among these bells, Emmanuel is the biggest and heaviest weighing 13 tons.

Original Bells Became Cannons

During the French revolution, rebels took away bells of cathedral and melted them to make cannons. To honor the bells they were given names of saints.