3 Ways to Make the Most of a Visit to the Louvre Museum in Paris

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The Musée du Louvre has over 30,000 artworks and more than 300,000 objects that trace back to the Neolithic age, such as ceramics for instance. Two of the popular works of art in the museum are Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa, which draw the most attention from peering crowds alongside the Pyramide du Louvre. When an advance ticket is not purchased, it may even take 1 hour at the least to get a coveted entrance.

The Musée du Louvre is visited by both tourists and celebrities, not just from France, but also from all over the world. If you plan a visit to the Louvre, there is no chance of a museum fatigue but the only thing is you may get overwhelmed with arresting art pieces. The best way to spend quality time in the Louvre Museum private tours is to devote to a particular section or wing such as Richelieu Wing or Denon Wing. Else, make a checklist of the artworks you want to see in the Louvre and navigate accordingly.

Even the inside of the Louvre is no eyesore but the interiors of a former palatial home. While Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece painting resides in the Denon Wing, Alexandros of Antioch’s famous statue treasured from Greece of early 19th Century is in the Sully Wing. The decorative arts collection in the Richelieu Wing is administered by the Department of Antiquities.

The Louvre’s collection of precious jewels, glassware, ceramics, stained glasses, and so forth, spans everything from Medieval Period to the early 19th Century. To draw two examples, think of seeing the relics from Sainte Chapelle and a collection of regalia traced from the crowing of several French Kings.

Plan Small Visits to a Louvre Guided Tour

There is another way to appreciate the artworks in the Louvre the best way possible and that is to visit the museum in separate days or time intervals, and devote the visits to different sections or periods. Take note of collections that revolves around portraits and artworks from the French Revolution, Islamic art, or Greek and Roman antiquities in the galleries devoted to that.

In addition, having a bilingual Paris tour guide to assist with timing the gallery visits during exhibits can be of great help when you are in the largest art museum in the world.