3 Places to Have Food at the Louvre Museum in Paris

Louvre Guided Tour

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The Musée du Louvre in the 1st arrondissement of Paris is a must-visit museum that spans 652,000 square feet. The Louvre is home to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting, the Rosetta Stone artifact, and a plethora of artworks and sculptures that even trace back to the Neolithic period.

When on a Louvre guided tour, you might need to have food to freshen up just as the tour continues to its main galleries. The 17th Century royal palace turn museum has several kiosks and dining rooms mostly in the Richelieu and Denon wing. Navigating those two sections of the Musée du Louvre takes time, especially when a large number of visitors stand in line to enter an exhibit floor.

Le Café Richelieu

You should visit this café on the lower ground floor to get a view of the entrance of the Louvre Museum titled Cour Napoléon alongside I.M. Pei designed glass pyramid. Even the inside of the café is an experience on its own and features the palatial architecture of the Louvre. Walk in here to have lunch, limited afternoon sweets and snacks, and dinner in particular. The café at the Louvre is an outlet of the Parisian teahouse, Maison Angelina.

Le Café Mollien

The café that wraps around the Mollien staircase is situated on Denon Wing on the first floor of the Louvre. This is ideal if you want to taste lemon tarts, salads, and muffins, apart from coffees such as café au lait, which is a crowd favorite. You can either sit somewhere inside the café with a view to the Tuileries Garden or find a terrace with an identical architecture to Le Café Richelieu to have refreshments here.

Café Marly

This café on the ground floor of the Louvre or below the Richelieu wing’s arcade is accessible from the Cour Napoléon and overlooks the gorgeous-looking glass pyramid. If you happen to miss a friend having the same-day ticket sold outside the museum to get an entrance, it is a good place to have a macchiato and wait for him or her to join back. The café has dining rooms with decorations that offer a throwback to a former royal residence built during the reign of Napoléon III especially.