5 Things to Do in London with Kids

London Old City Tour
London Old City Tour

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Many tourists who are going on their first London old city tour prefer not to take kids along with them because they feel that their kids will not find the trip much interesting. Some tourists even have a misconception that London is not a kid-friendly place, so they choose not to take their kids there.

The reality, however, is that there are tons of entertaining and fun things you can do in London with your kids. So, do not be hesitant to take your kids along when you are going on London walking tours. Below are a few things you can do with your kids in your London old city tour.

Visit Hackney City Farm

You should certainly visit Hackney City Farm in London if your kids love to see animals. This farm is home to the red breed pig of Britain and your kids will love to hang out and pet the pigs in the farm. This activity is ideal for kids on and above the age of two.

Fly a Kite

Flying a kite in the blustery London Park will be one of the major highlights of your London old city with your kids. This one of the simplest activities you can do with your children and it is suitable for kids of all ages. The windiest spots you should head for include Hampstead Heath, Battersea Park, Greenwich Park, and Blackheath.

Go to Harrods’ Toy Kingdom

Harrods’ Toy Kingdom is an absolute treat to kids of all ages. Your kids will be able to play with the toys in the store without paying any money. The helicopters, alien pods, and fairies will make sure your kids have a fun-filled time. The massive soft toys department is another major attraction of Harrods’ Toy Kingdom.

Take Control of a Tube Train

The awesome simulator in the London Transport Museum allows you to take the controls of a virtual tube train. Your kids could also ride in front of the rollercoaster-like DLR. This incredible activity is suitable for kids above the age of seven.

Swim in the Serpentine

Swimming in the beautiful Serpentine Lake of London will add more beauty and fun to your London old city tour. The lake has a dedicated swimming section opened from the month of May to September. The gated family area of the Serpentine Lake has a chlorinated paddling pool, swings, and sandpit that will allow your kids to have tons of fun.