About Us

Known widely as the City of Lights and the City of Love, Paris has earned both names. Plenty of couples looking for quality time find that this city is the best place in the world to visit to get it. To others, this wonderful metropolis reveals itself as a treasure trove of history, art, gastronomy, and culture. Neither demographic can resist making at least one trip here if they can afford it.

We can help you make the time you spend in Paris stand out in the best way. Know which places are the best to visit inside the time you have, because no tourist, however, seasoned or savvy, can see all of them even if they had a month. Learn about the times when the crowds thin the most, as well as ways to bypass queues which would otherwise keep you on your feet for hours. Check out quirky stores and galleries, visit lesser-known but gem-class eateries, and mingle with locals to get a good feel of how the French love to live their lives. You can split your tours into walking and cycling, and choose the modes of commute that best suit you and your wallet. We understand well that it’s all about having a good time which you can brag about after you get home, which means you need to partake in some seriously awesome experiences which can make jaws drop as you narrate them. We can help you discover places that normally stay hidden from the average crowd, as well as step off the beaten path in other ways.

Our decades-long experience lets us offer up precious nuggets with regard to availing the best products, services, and experiences for your money while you are in Paris. This obviously works, because nothing else explains the masses of past clients gushing with praise for the ways we were of use to them, and the fact that many of them have us on speed dial. We take helping tourists seriously, because we believe spending as much as you do on a trip should not be met with disappointment, or for that matter, anything other than the highest satisfaction. While you are in Paris, you have us to call, and it’ll be even better if you do that before you arrive.