Visiting the Musee Jacquemart-Andre in Paris

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The Musee Jacquemart-Andre stands out as a gem among the museums of Paris. Regarded as the best small museum in the city, the Musee Jacquemart-Andre houses an excellent collection of art and furnishings on par with the notable museums in the City of Lights. It was actually a mansion in the 19th century and retains that atmosphere making it one of the unique museums in Paris. Originally, it was the private residence of the renowned collector Edouard Andre and his wife Nelie Jacquemart. They were dedicated collectors who acquired a vast collection of artworks from many prominent schools of art and regions.

Most of the artworks displayed in the Musee Jacquemart-Andre are from Florence during the Renaissance era. Besides, the museum houses some unseen works by prominent painters of the time such as Botticelli, Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and many others. Visiting this museum during Paris sightseeing tours is an excellent way to know more about the works of these great artists. Besides, this museum offers a glimpse into the conventional lifestyle of the 19th century.

Inside Musee Jacquemart-Andre

The Musee Jacquemart-Andre is divided into several areas each specialized for a different purpose. Alongside the art and sculpture collections, the design of the interiors is itself another attraction. The winter garden is one prominent area inside the Musee Jacquemart-Andre noted for its grand staircase. The surfaces are mostly covered in marble and glass and have elements of Italian architecture.

The picture gallery is another section where some of the major paintings are displayed. It leads to the grand salon with exquisitely designed walls and state of the art hydraulics to enlarge the space of the room. The other major areas inside the Musee Jacquemart-Andre are the tapestry room, the Venetian gallery, the sculpture gallery, the Florentine gallery etc.

Admission and Opening Hours

Admission fees to the Musee Jacquemart-Andre are €13.50 and €10.50 for students, teachers, and those aged between 7 to 17 years. Those with any kind of disabilities are granted free access and queue jump in the museum. Children under the age of seven are provided free admission. The Musee Jacquemart-Andre is open from 10 AM to 6 PM. However, the museum will remain open until 8.30PM on Monday during any special exhibitions.

Services Offered

Musee Jacquemart-Andre offers numerous services and facilities to visitors. This includes several educational activities, restaurants, cloakroom, bookshop, car parking, gift shops, and a coach park. Visitors are provided with various aids such as a free audio guide that will offer them the means to explore the museum at their convenience. The audio guide is available in several languages such as English, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Dutch.