Spending an Evening Out in Paris City with Parisians

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If you are into indigenous arts, you can spend timeouts in Paris city with ease and especially when the City of Lights reaches the evening hours. Below are a few entertainment activities to enjoy an evening with Parisians, which you can catch the next time you visit the place.

Seeing the French Movie

Co-founders Matt and Manon started the “Lost in Frenchlation” for an International audience to gather the cinema-loving Parisian community in one place. Today, the hall plays indigenous French cinema with English subtitles. In fact, there are several opera houses, theaters, and cinema halls, which you can pick to spend an evening in Paris. If you have time at hand, do watch a French film to make your first-time Paris sightseeing tours memorable.

Music Concerts in Paris

The City of Lights is one of the best metros in Europe to listen to classical music. During the festive season, the cathedrals like Saint-Ephrem and La Madeleine play hosts to the classical music concerts. All year, they offer the type of music reminiscent of Chopin, Bach, and Verdi, to name a few, and listening to the masters will be a soothing experience.

Listening to Anglo Saxon Type Music

Spending an evening out at the Bobino Theater in Montparnasse can be tried when in Paris and especially if you love music. This September onward, the French show Les Franglaises has been shown to the music-loving public in Paris. In the show, dynamic young musicians take the lyrics of Anglo Saxon songs and translate them to French.

The Best of Both Worlds

Another highlight of each and every Paris sightseeing tours is the inclusion of music venues alongside a visit to Île de la Cité. The island features the River Seine, Notre Dame and Sainte-Chapelle the two towering cathedrals in Paris. Try arriving early at the Saint-Chappelle and then you can catch the “Vivaldi’s celebrated Four Seasons” concert anytime soon when on a Paris city tour.

The trip to the heart of Paris city may not be complete if you watch movies and leave the town with entertainment only. There are several public gardens, bridges, and more than a hundred museums both small and big in Paris. So don’t forget to visit the Louvre museum and the Musée d’Orsay when on Paris sightseeing tours.