3 Spectacular Neighborhoods to Visit in Paris

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The neighborhoods in the City of Lights offer an amazing mix of culture, food, and events to Paris sightseeing tours. They are remarkable places themselves equaling the other major attractions located in and around the city. In fact, these neighborhoods are progressing each year with the addition of new restaurants, art galleries, and other kinds of shopping venues. Besides, a rich shopping experience, the Parisian neighborhoods are the best way to indulge in the very life and culture prevailing in the city.

Most of these neighborhoods are already major visitor attractions included in numerous Paris sightseeing tours. Below is a list of the three spectacular neighborhoods to visit in the City of Lights.


Rue Montorgueil is another unique neighborhood to visit in Paris. The neighborhood features a pavement laid with cobblestones that have added to its distinctive appearance and character. With its incredible collection of eateries and cuisine shops, Montorgueil is ideal for lovers of chocolate, cheeses, fish, and boulangerie. Montorgueil has the oldest patisserie in Paris known as the La Maison Stohrer.

The neighborhood also promises an exciting nightlife with many bars. The notable one, the Experimental Cocktail Club truly offers delightful drinking experience with artistically created cocktails and drinks. Besides, the places are ideal for purchasing flower bouquets, enjoying coffee or aperitif, and trying some escargots.


Located in the seventeenth arrondissement, Batignolles is one unique neighborhood that offers the visitors a true taste of tradition in Paris. The neighborhood resembles that of a typical countryside village and thereby is perfect for those wishing to enjoy the simplicity of Paris.

The Batignolles neighborhood features an incredible array of restaurants and boutiques, which are perfect for discovering new tastes in cuisine and fashion. A notable attraction is the Square des Batignolles, which is a nineteenth-century park ideal for short strolls and relaxation. The organic market that opens on Sundays is yet another attraction of this neighborhood.

South Pigalle

South Pigalle or SoPi as it is popularly known is an incredible neighborhood to visit in Paris. The highly active South Pigalle neighborhoods promise an exciting array of gourmet shops. Currently, the trendiest places to visit in Paris, South Pigalle feature a distinctive vibe that is a mix of the old and new.

It is one of the best shopping destinations in Paris dealing with fashion, interior decoration and designer artifacts. Besides, the neighborhoods have a thriving night scene along with several restaurants and bars that will surely delight any food lover.