Le Musée Des Vampires – The Vampire Museum in Paris

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The Musée des Vampires is a private museum in Paris that is dedicated to vampires and their history. The museum also indulges in study of the place of vampires in folklore and the modern culture. The story of the unique museum started years ago when Jacques Sirgent, who is a highly knowledgeable scholar started “The Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures.” He started the museum as a visual manifestation of his extensive research on esoterism, vampirism, and occidental folklore.

The Collection

The entrance to the museum is through a small courtyard that is located at the backside of a private residence. The main room, which is open to the public, hosts a fascinating collection of vampire related items. There are paintings, stacks of books, movie posters, Halloween props, spooky fine art objects, et cetera. You can even find a mummified cat here that was found from the Père Lachaise Cemetery. The museum also has a collection of autographs from all the Hollywood actors who have starred as Dracula.

Monsieur Sirgent will be your host and will show you around, explaining the history of vampires, folklore origins, and the place of vampires in the French history. He is clearly an expert on vampires and he has written many books on vampires. Sirgent has dedicated his life to collect, translate and to gather syncretic data on demonology and the dogmas related to it. He is also a fascinating storyteller who can extrapolate the stories about the mysterious relics present in the Vampire Museum.

You will be amazed to know the cryptic history of the city of Paris and the cemeteries where vampiric rituals were performed. Many tourists say that the museum is a delicacy for the eyes, filled with Hammer Film collectibles, vampire-killing kits, Dracula toys, and many antique books.

How to Get There

Technically, the museum is not in the city of Paris, but is very close to the city. It is located in Lilas, a place on the edge of the city of Paris, accessible by the Paris Metro just fifteen minutes away from the city. The closest metro station to the Vampire Museum is the Porte des Lilas, and it will be easy to walk to the museum from the next station Mairie des Lilas as well. If you are on Paris city tours, you can ask your Paris tour guide to book tickets to the Vampire Museum in advance to avoid confusions in the last minute.