Artificial Beaches to Explore in your Paris Walking Tours

Paris Walking Tours

Explore Artificial Beaches

The artificial beaches in Paris let tourists go swimming or do other pleasure-filled activities. The River Seine is one of the most popular sightseeing locations in Paris and one of the beaches residing there hosts temporary carnivals just to add to its beauty. The tourists will go on a water cruise through the Seine on a boat during daytime or sit on the banks of the river and dine at night. Strolling by the flanks of the Seine is fun too, and taking a walk to the artificial beaches will magnify the experience. Below is what you should definitely cover in your Paris walking tours.

Plage Beach Aside Seine

Tourists on Paris walking tours enjoy what is commonly called in Paris as the “Seine Holiday” and that is open now until September. Other than watching tidal waves, tourists will also get to play sand castle competitions or see a makeshift art gallery in the Plage beaches residing amid Point Neuf and Point de Sully bridges.

In Bassin De La Villette

The second most iconic Plage beach resides along the Bassin de la Villette showcasing activities such as zip lining, pedal boat riding, and so on, for tourists of all age groups. However, if tourists just want to bask in the sun or watch the landscape, there are sandy areas with chairs and umbrella for that too.

South to Paris

The Aquaboulevard activity complex resides to the south of Paris and that is a large water park replete with a movie theater, a restaurant, and a gym. The indoor pool area in Aquaboulevard activity complex will make tourists on Paris walking tours feel like they are in a tropical oasis featuring white chairs, palm trees, and azure waters.

In France

Deauville is adjacent to Paris and is quite a stylish beach. The beach Deauville has a beach resort as well with enough recreational options for tourists and regular visitors. Those on Paris walking tours can reach Deauville by taking a train from Paris and reaching there will take approximately 2 hours. In fact, Deauville, as well as bordering city Trouville, has been the beach destinations for Parisians for a long time, so why not go there with a Paris tour guide.