About Cycling Expedition via Veloscenic Route in Normandy

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Expedition Via Veloscenic Route

People cross the Veloscenic route on the Normandy bay area on a cycle and pedal their way until the Mont St-Michel in Paris. Whether or not you have cycled for days before, or have been part of bicycle tours in Paris, below are some reasons as to why you should pedal your way to Mont St-Michel.

Enjoying the Ride

Touring cyclists can stop at Versailles on the way and check out some of the medieval places in France to get timely breaks. The beauty of any bicycle expedition is the chances you get to see the sights along the way. In addition, if you can stop and taste cider at La Maison Ferré farm in Comblot and fill the appetitive you have for French wine.

Experiencing the Food

Food is basic when you go on a cycling tour, and thankfully, Veloscenic has many local restaurants. With many cyclists pedaling with you on their cycles, you will be able to find cheap, yet fine dining places in Veloscenic and enjoy local cuisine to the fullest.

The Cycling-Friendly Route

The townships in Normandy welcome cyclers with greetings all year. During July and August months, locals tend to go there on holiday and the advantage is that the roads stay quiet most of the time. This year, the Mortagne-au-Perche recently held the International Federal Week of Cycle Tourism. However, it is that time of the year in Normandy, where the cafes may remain shut, so it is best to plan for food and accommodation beforehand.

The Tour

The bicycle trip from La Véloscénie to the Mont St-Michel is 400 plus kilometers long and it will take at least four to five days to reach the Cathedral. With some speed and breaks, you will able to reach the Cathedral in double quick time on a bicycle. On the way, you will need accommodation and your Paris tour guide will certainly help you out with that.

Mont St-Michel is one of the major attractions in France. The Veloscenic route and all the way to Mont St-Michel are renowned for the biking expedition, tourism, and many more things. Another attraction near the cathedral is skiing, which you can enjoy when you get off the bicycle.