3 Things to Do in Paris in August

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The city of Paris will be crowded in August because August is one of the most tourist filled months in the city. The Louvre museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, popular restaurants, and all other famous spots in the French capital will be packed with tourists. Consequently, you will have to struggle a bit to see the famous landmarks in the city.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should reschedule your Paris city tours to another time of the year because you will be easily able to beat the crowd with a little planning. Additionally, Paris hosts a number of exciting events in August, which will add more delight to your Paris sightseeing tours. Below are a few things to do when you are going on Paris city tours in August.

Have Fun like a Child

If you are visiting Paris with your kids or friends, then you must certainly visit Parc Astérix, Disneyland, and Aquaboulevard. Even though these three attractions are more appealing to kids, you will also enjoy the activities and the water attractions inside these places. Additionally, it will also make you feel like a kid again.

The weather in Paris can be a bit hotter through the summer season, so go to any one of these places, get freshened up, and have a good time before you continue your Paris city tours.

Attend Exhibitions

If the weather in Paris seems too hot to handle for you and if you are in search of an exciting inside activity, attend a few exhibitions. You will be able to see a number of excellent exhibitions in the city and most of them are worth a watch.

From Impressionism art to comics and video games, there is an exhibition for every age and every taste. However, most of these exhibitions will be crowded. So, try to book tickets in advance if possible.

Catch a Movie Outdoors

The Parc de la Villette of Paris transforms into an Open Air Cinema from July 12 to August 20. This is one of the most popular and greatest Parisian events, which means that you shouldn’t miss a chance to watch a film under the stars if you are on Paris city tours.

Bring a bottle of wine, blanket, and popcorns to watch some of the best French and international movies for free. Watching a movie outdoors in Paris is a unique experience and it is certainly going to be the major highlight of your Paris city tours.