Things to Know before Planning a Visit to Madrid

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Madrid is the largest municipality in Spain that is located at an elevated altitude. As a result, the climate here will be mostly cool and dry. The city houses many beautiful and astounding monuments that add to its overall ambiance. That is why it is considered one of the best places for holidaying in entire Europe.

The capital city of Spain is ideal for history buffs, architecture junkies, sports enthusiasts, beach lovers, etc. In short, it is a suitable holiday package, which has something in store for everyone. However, before setting out on a Madrid private tour, there are certain things about the city that you must know. Some of those important details about the Spanish capital are given below.

Siesta is Real in Madrid

Siesta is an afternoon nap that is taken particularly during the hottest hours of a day. People in Madrid take a siesta for real, and hence, most shops will be closed in between 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm. Other than the shops, most of the companies in the Spanish capital will also be shut down during these hottest hours. However, the supermarkets, hospitals, and other larger shops in the city will be functional during the time.

Free Olives with your Drink

One of the interesting things about Madrid is that you will always get something to eat along with a drink. Mostly, olives will be accompanied with your drink in a bar. Other than this, you can also expect potato chips, a piece of any cured meat, nuts, or a slice of cheese with the wine you order.

This is an age-old tradition in Madrid, and hence, you can skip your evening snacks from your travel itinerary. On a related note, some of the authentic dishes in Madrid that you must try include raciones, platters of cured ham and Spanish cheese, breaded calamari, etc.

Lunchtime and Dinner Time in the City is Late

The timings or lunch and dinner are different in Madrid. Here, you will have to wait until 02:00 pm to have your lunch and it will be like 11:00 pm to start dinner. Similarly, the hotels in Madrid will be open for lunch by around 01:30 pm and will stay open up to 04:00 pm. In case of dinner, the hotels will be open from 08:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

The timings can be little overwhelming for tourists. Luckily, you can always enjoy a bite of Merienda, which is the Spanish word for a sweet afternoon snack, at cafes and bakeries all over the city.