The British Museum to Exhibit Scythian Riders

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Scythian Riders Exhibit

An artifact of a Scythian, sitting on a horse wielding a spear in his right arm, would be one of the central attractions when you tour British museum this year. The Scythian exhibit adds another feather in the cap of the British museum with “the Plaque” featuring a rider of Scythia origin.

The Scythian exhibit would inform the tourists and the Brits about ancient horse riders and their empire that spanned across the Siberian Black Sea and the Chinese borders. It is said that the Scythian riders, who ruled that part of the world for well over thousand years, were also nomadic travelers. Another interesting fact about the Scythian riders is that they had tattoos on their bodies, a fact that was testified by the Greek Historian Herodotus.

The British museum would bring excavated Scythian skin featuring tattoos on their bodies through Amsterdam’s Hermitage Museum on or before September 2017. The curators say that the museum had talks with those in St. Petersburg and that the excavated Scythian skin would be loaned to the British Museum for display.

Also joining the Scythian exhibition efforts of the British museum is the National Museum of Kazakhstan, which has several Scythian artifacts. In case you are planning to tour British Museum anytime soon, below is an introduction to the Scythian riders and as to what makes them ride in modern museums.

  • The Scythians famously dig their tombstones deep into the Siberian permafrost, which remains frozen for the most part of a calendar year.
  • At present, the Scythians are part of a strange civilization, which dates back to before Christ.
  • The Plaque, which depicts a scene from a Scythian funeral, would be featured in the Scythian exhibit in the British Museum.
  • The clay tablet in the British Museum inscribes that Assyrian king Esarhaddon had sent an Assyrian Princes to the Scythian king “Bartatua” for peacekeeping.

The British Museum only has a scant collection of Scythian artifacts until date, and most are on loan. To embark in the voyage, you can join a British Museum guided tour from September midweek until January 2018, when the Scythian exhibit gets underway in London. You are also allowed to bring tablets or cameras to the Scythian exhibit and snap rider artifacts in the British Museum.